Welcome to NoZen

NoZen is the brainchild of Ken Boucher. It's a simple site with a simple purpose. However, I don't see my work on it ending anytime soon.

This isn't a for profit site. It's not here to drum up business or to get rich off of banner ads. It's not here so that I can scream to the world, "Look what I can do". I have other sites for that.

There's a place I used to go once, as a small child, where I could sit and think. Sometimes, I would just stare at a leaf or a bird and get lost in the moment.

The internet doesn't really have a place like that, or if it does, I haven't found it yet.

And maybe we can't build such a place. Maybe the zen gardens we build with our rakes may never achieve true beauty any more than the web pages we build with HTML.

But for now, adding another koan or making a different style sheet doesn't seem like such a bad way to spend a few minutes.

Nozen has been crafted to work as well as possible on a number of different platforms, but this is not a perfect world, so some things just don't work all the time.

If you are using Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4, don't bother playing with styles. These browsers don't have a lot of support for this technology and it's likely to stop the site from working. If that happens go to the main page and select Berries. That will get things running again.

If you are using Opera, the automatic refresh function doesn't work, so when you select a new stylesheet you will need to manually refresh the page. I apologise for this, but since Opera does not support some vital portions of Javascript, there's little I can do.

If you are using a Palm Pilot or a Windows CE device everything should work fine.