Teaching to Lie

The stingy senior monk of a mountain temple made a batch of sweet syrup, tasted it, and then carefully put the jug up on a shelf. His young student got none. He even told the student that the syrup was really poison and it would kill him if he ate it.

The boy badly wanted some too, so one day when his master was out he got the jug down. While enjoying the syrup he got some on his robe and in his hair but this did not stop him from enjoying himself. When he was done, he smashed his master's best jug on the walk outside.

The monk came back to find the boy crying as though his heart would break. "What's the matter?" he asked.

"Your jug!" sobbed the boy. "I broke your good jug by mistake and I didn't know what you would do to me, and I decided I'd be better off dead, so I ate a big mouthful of that poison you warned me about, but it didn't work. I ate more and when that didn't work I tried smearing it all over my robe and hair but I'm still not dead!